ToughLOVE® is an exciting, one-of-a-kind parenting community set to launch this February. We're providing a team of nationally recognized experts in the field getting ready to help you guide your school age kids - from elementary and middle school through high school and college - to become happy, thriving grown-ups. Yes, you've made it past those early years, but what's a parent supposed to do about fostering resilience, balancing screen time, and dealing with that challenging stage when your child suddenly perfects the eye-roll, AKA adolescence, before heading off to college, where they'd text their laundry home if they could?

Where's the help for that?

Soon it will be right here.

We're busy creating a completely new and revolutionary parenting community with comprehensive resources and tools, including 24/7 parenting advice with a personalized credentialed coach - designed specifically to help you navigate everything that affects your older kids, from manners to mealtimes, homework to peer pressure, sexuality to money, and self-esteem to self-reliance.

We're as eager as you are to get started, so if you sign up here, we'll send you a newsletter each month keeping you updated on our exciting plans.

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